Difficulty meditating and calming your mind?
Feel the Difference with Qi Gong Meditation

“ “What a terrific class! It was really a perfect way to start my day, with a full tank! This was the first time that my mind was quiet in too long… I would love to do this class everyday! THANK YOU! ”
– Allison H.

Siu Ping Negrin’s unique “NO FOCUS” approach to transform stress is to replace negative mental thoughts with healing energy cultivated through simple moving meditations. There is no need to fight mental chatter, instead attain peace by healing your inner core with Qi.  As an acupuncturist and energy healer of 18 years, wife and mother of 3 in Manhattan, Siu understands the time constraints of our fast-paced world.  Her efficient approach will teach you how doing less than 10 minutes of her Qi Gong meditations a day can help you live a more healthy, peaceful and productive life. 

UES Private Invitation Only Class:

7:00 – 8:00 PM, Mondays:
Dec. 2 and 16

Email to inquire